"Read it, Move it, Own it”

   This residency program is philosophically rooted in Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences  offering
educators, classroom teachers and students precious tools for development and growth in a new learning environment .   This interdisciplinary approach to arts education integrates dance/movement and music with language arts and social studies curriculum.

                          *Teaching artists will work with classroom teachers to develop curriculum that will meet the needs of their school and students .

                          *Students will be exposed to the elements of dance/movement, new vocabulary and movement sentences.

                          *Students will have the  opportunity to bring books alive through movement helping them with comprehension, sequencing of events, comparing and contrasting of characters and events.

                          *Teaching artists and students will create choreography to be presented at the conclusion of the residency to their peers,  parents and the community.

                          * Students develop personally through this process by working together, cooperation, exploration of cultures, risk taking and self expression.

Residency 10 or more days - Up to 5 workshops per day.


This program provides students with an introduction to dance/movement and its benefits and challenges.

 Our experienced teaching artists will conduct a workshop(s) which includes:

                     *Warm Up: stretching, isolations, coordination, strengthening and balance

                *Choreography : combining movement into dance sequences using space, rhythm, energy and shape.

*Age appropriate music and movement keep students engaged, challenged and discovering the joy of dance.

*Circle of Dance taps into students’ kinesthetic learning potential and promotes the use of imagination and creativity. 

*The workshops help build teamwork and self esteem.

*Our teaching artists strive to reach every student to help them do their best and feel successful.

*​Residencies culminate in an informal student presentation for their peers, parents and community.

Residency ​5 or more days - Up to 5 workshops per day.

Our programs support ELL, ESL and special needs students.

We work with each school individually to meet their needs, vision and budget.

​​​Arts in Education

Bringing dance into public schools for more than three decades Circle of Dance provides thousands of students each year  with the opportunity to work with professional dancers in  educational and fun dance/movement workshops.

​We support anti-bullying and  incorporate character education traits in our programs.

Respect, Tolerance, Cooperation, Responsibility, Kindness