"The dance experience illustrated the importance of each student's contributions to a team's effort while allowing for individuals to express themselves in their own ways. Our school focuses intently on the social emotional growth of students through classroom-based lessons and building-wide themes and Circle of Dance complimented this effort well."

Travis Davey - Principal, Babylon Elementary School

"We at Learners and Leaders P.S. 305 are committed to working with Circle of Dance.
We have been delighted with the work they have done this year with our kindergarten and first graders.  Students and teachers love the program. The program is very well organized and dances are developmentally appropriate. Our teachers, including special education and ESL, believe that Circle of Dance provides many positive benefits for the students.  The program helps develop strong skills in following directions, memorization, paying attention and working together. The program is also helping our students with disabilities with learning and building perseverance through movement."

Lynn Botfeld - Principal, Learners and Leaders P.S. 305

“Every year our school looks forward to a week-long visit from Circle of Dance. The students are excited to learn new dance moves to the latest songs.  The instructors are enthusiastic, fun and motivating  throughout their time here.  It is always a pleasure having them in the building and it is one of the highlights of our curriculum.” 

J. Casale – Teacher, Hauppauge SD

"Circle of Dance provides residencies for grades Pre-k - 5. Many of our students come from non-English speaking homes and begin with limited verbal skills and many learning challenges. This program helps students learn to focus, listen and respond to essential skills for all students by tapping into various modalities. Dance helps our students follow multi-step directions in a specific sequential order, bring stories to life through the dance and place the focus on movement as a vehicle for communicating."

D. Giunta, Former Principal P.S. 154 Flushing, Queens

“The Circle of Dance program is wonderful.  Every one of my students loved it.  This activity was such a positive experience for all involved.  I saw personalities light up and individuality that I have  never seen before.” 
J. Schwarz – Teacher, Ostego Elementary, Half Hollow Hills S.D.

"Students enjoyed exploring the dynamics and qualities of movement and linking those movements together to make statements, and finally to expand those movements phrases into dances."
J. Pizarro – Principal, P. S. 220 Queens

"The program encouraged the development of listening skills, gross motor skills and creative expression. Teachers were able to observe the developmental abilities of their students. This program meets NYS Learning Standards in both Arts and English Language Arts”
Classroom Teacher  - Sachem S.D.

“The Circle of Dance program has given students an opportunity to develop creative talents, learn a sense of presence and find the confidence to explore; all of which will benefit them for their entire lives.”
Dr. Robert Pinkert- Former Superintendent of Schools

“Every dancer has proven themselves many times  over in their patience and dedication toward our students. It was, and always has been, a pleasure to  work side by side with such a group of dedicated professional”
Beth Smith - Physical Education Teacher, South Huntington S. D.

Created by a kindergarten class at PS 305 in Ridgewood, Queens